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An encouragement for new members
Hello everyone 
I live in Kettle Falls Washington
I'm 55 yr old December 17,1962
I was merried for 37yr. My husband die 3 yr ago.
He was my best and only friend. Loneliness just seem to be
My life now I don't know how to get back out there
It is nice to be here.
Hi Billie,
I'm sorry about your husband. I'm glad you're here.
Hi I've been here a while but thought as can't sleep would be fun to fill this in

I'm from North London....I'm a slightly unhinged male with a wife four kids and a grandchild and I'm trying to rebuild my life following the magnificent tips on this website ....I'm 45..June birthday.
Hello, I'm actually an old member coming back. Age 46, sex - female, location - prefer not to say.
Hello everyone

i am new to this club.  I just joined.  I am a girl..... i am also lonely with out friends.
(07-09-2018, 01:42 PM)red57 Wrote: Hello everyone

i am new to this club.  I just joined.  I am a girl..... i am also lonely with out friends.

Why do we fake a smile for those we don’t know, but cry for those we love?
Hello to both of you, and welcome. Feel free to send me an email or chat further here if you want. It's a horrible feeling being lonely, I know. You have a new friend, me, post a reply here and we'll all have a good long talk. Nobody needs to feel lonely anymore. Have a great day.
How to I update profile?
(02-06-2007, 03:43 AM)bjarne Wrote: This is just a suggestion, but it is a thing I know many people would appreciate:

Fill in your profile data, in particular it would be very nice if you could specify:
  • your location
  • sex
  • birthday (thus age).

This will help people getting a better idea of who you are, and what timezone you are in (thus it becomes easier to anticipate when someone might come online).

Dont worry about your privacy, this information will not be used by for any other purpose but showing in your profile .

I will repeat though:
This was just a suggestions and an encouragement, you are NOT forced to fill in your profile data.

Hi. I am new here. I live in Hawaii. I am female and my birthday is 12/27/1969. Hoping to find someone to talk to.
(07-12-2018, 07:44 AM)Rose905 Wrote: How to I update profile?

Go to User CP, and Click Edit Profile in the side menu under Your profile
[Image: giphy.gif]

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