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An encouragement for new members
I'm an Xennial, female, from the Pacific Coast.

I find social media very alienating and painful. But I think forums can be considered a form of social media, broadly speaking. I've had a very tough time on various crowdsourced sites where people post on a variety topics. And I've tried for years. I've never had luck on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, either.

I'm pretty nerdy. I have hipster/artsy tastes without being part of that crowd. I grew up a bookworm, but these days, I'm on the internet a lot.

My true self is actually big-hearted, genuine, warm, charismatic, and interesting. But usually, people wrongly think I'm cold, stiff, and boring because my anxiety and awkwardness makes me come off that way.

I haven't been able to find any true friends or a significant other anywhere online or in person.
(05-25-2020, 02:08 PM)Silve Xennial, female, from the Pacific Coast. Wrote: Hello Xennial,
I'm from Long Beach, am not into groups either and consider being a loner the best.  It fits in with independent thinking and it sounds like it may describe you too, innocent but worldly describes me.  I have read hundreds of books but I have written one for the readers that would be intrigued by similar thinking.  To see if that's you, 

Fare thee well,
Doug Miura
Hello everyone I just joined. New to this whole idea of a forum regarding what its about and wanted to try.

Thank you admin for approving me. Now to figure out this profile stuff.


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