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Hello. My name is Pedro and i´m from Portugal. Lately i found that pretty much of my life i´ve felt lonely, but try to fill that gap, with happy thoughts and fantasies. I was adopted, my father has already died and my mom is very depressed and have a tendency to build dependent relationships. They were not bad persons, just unbalanced and with issues in every department. I´m unemployed and don´t have a girlfriend.
Despite the fact that i was never an easy person to deal with it, i still have hope of putting my life together. I did have some friends in the past, but for now i´m just trying to put myself together.
Hope i can find someone to talk here.

Regards to everyone.
Welcome to the forums, Pedro!
Sounds like you have quite a story...
Holla Pedro!
Welcome to the bug bin ;-)
Welcome to the site Pedro Smile

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