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just wanted to say hi

Hi everyone, just come across this iste and thought i would join and see if its any more help talking to people in a similar situation to me ?
I have read a few threads already and so many of the things you all say are the things I feel and think.
The trouble is that i have been thinking this way for so long now it seems like second nature to be lonely, I dont really know another way to think.
I forget sometimes when i go to work and keep myself busy, i forget then. but sure enough it comes back again when i get home again.
I thought years ago that things would change, that things would just happen and someone would come along to be a really good friend and want to be with me. But in reality i find most people i have met are pretty selfish, i cant help feeling "not wanted" by anyone. I know its stupid and probably a bit selfish too, but honestly, most women i have met in the last few years wouldnt even think twice about going out with me and most that have, have ended up rejecting me and going out with someone else.
And thats my problem now, i am looking back after many years of being on my own , rejected buy women, and feeling really lonely. I keep looking at the few chances i did have with deep regret that i didnt try harder at the time and show that person that i really loved them, maybe if i had they would be here now and things would be very different.
Regrets, now they are really powerful emotions ! but thats another long story.
Hi ((((LUKA UK)))). Welcome to the forum. I also seem to unconsciously push people away. My problem is doing or saying the wrong thing instead of not saying anything at all. But I think that being here we can all learn to make a lasting connection with other people. It may take a little work but people by nature are sociable beings so it has to come back to us right?Anyway bye for now and keep posting.
Welcome. You'll find the right woman, just try to be patient while keeping in mind that it's their fault for not accepting and liking you for you but some good points are that you can better cope with loneliness if you can find a friend to connect with, even if for now it's someone here and also, you will need to develop a belief in yourself, which I hope you do.
Hey Luka UK, welcome!!! I agree with lonelyinbk that we all seem to have the same problem of subconsciously pushing people away. However, there are ways to learn how to stop doing that, so don't loose hope!
Thanks for all the replies !!
Can some of you give me some advice about using the forum ? Bit new to a forum type site and not really sure where to go now or how to use it ??
LUKA UK Wrote:Thanks for all the replies !!
Can some of you give me some advice about using the forum ? Bit new to a forum type site and not really sure where to go now or how to  use it ??

I recommend going through and reading the posts because you'll find it interesting and will gain insight from them but the first thing I recommend you do is post your story in the i am lonely section then post in the penpal/friend sections to get to know everyone here and to allow them to get to know you. I've found this forum to be straight forward.  The only thing that caught me off guard was that you have to click reply to quote.
Hi and welcome, LUKA_UK!
Often i'am also looking back, I've had some chances but I think that no person I've been connected to was the right one. Despite of this, I have some regrets too. I think, however, that there's no need to regret anything. In my opinion, if I have been rejected it's not because I haven't showed that person that I really did love her: I've been rather rejected because she didn't love me. So, I'm better trying to understand why no woman has been loving me. This is far more useful, in my opinion.
What do you all think about it?

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