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What are some of the mind games people play that you can't stand?
"You forgot to add in the part of the game where even thinking that someone might be playing this game with you only gets you accused of being insecure and having low self esteem. The "its only in your head teehee" game."

Oh my God, yes!!!! I was thinking the same thing when I read that, how ironic!!! That's the one that gets me the most!

Oh my God guys, I could copy and past so many good points you all made but it would take me forever! Bleedthefreak, and the rest, you all gave such awesome examples! I think about this kind of stuff A LOT and I think we really need to give a voice to these minds games because they can be extremely dangerous to your self esteem, at least it is for ME. I can talk about this kind of stuff all day long because that's how important it is to me and I think it should be to others, to be aware of these types of games. I guess why I think it's so important is because I came into this life very naive and I literally had to be burned thousands of times and for decades to really get it because I am far from a game player. I really had to start from scratch to build up defenses for myself, you have no idea, no idea how much I always have to be on gaurd because this kind of stuff does NOT come naturally like it does for a lot of people it seems.

And just by making this post, I've learned of a few games that people play that I knew in my gut, but really didn't know how to give an explanation for and you all nailed it with words. You have no idea how explaining things, giving it a voice and a name or a phrase more like it,  really helps some people.
And by all means, keep the coming

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