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What are some of the mind games people play that you can't stand?
"You forgot to add in the part of the game where even thinking that someone might be playing this game with you only gets you accused of being insecure and having low self esteem. The "its only in your head teehee" game."

Oh my God, yes!!!! I was thinking the same thing when I read that, how ironic!!! That's the one that gets me the most!

Oh my God guys, I could copy and past so many good points you all made but it would take me forever! Bleedthefreak, and the rest, you all gave such awesome examples! I think about this kind of stuff A LOT and I think we really need to give a voice to these minds games because they can be extremely dangerous to your self esteem, at least it is for ME. I can talk about this kind of stuff all day long because that's how important it is to me and I think it should be to others, to be aware of these types of games. I guess why I think it's so important is because I came into this life very naive and I literally had to be burned thousands of times and for decades to really get it because I am far from a game player. I really had to start from scratch to build up defenses for myself, you have no idea, no idea how much I always have to be on gaurd because this kind of stuff does NOT come naturally like it does for a lot of people it seems.

And just by making this post, I've learned of a few games that people play that I knew in my gut, but really didn't know how to give an explanation for and you all nailed it with words. You have no idea how explaining things, giving it a voice and a name or a phrase more like it,  really helps some people.
And by all means, keep the coming
I'm a big fan of the reversal, I'm Upset And Need Someone To Blame For It So Everything You Say Is Part Of A Mind Game You're Playing With Me

Two people over the past four years or so enjoyed engaging me in this
Just liars. Be a nitwit if you want. Just don't treat me like I'm too stupid to see when things don't add up and waste my time.
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
Right now, i am enraged because I hate it when fools are in power. 5000 rupees and 6 months, gone wasted.
Smile   Toungue
People pretending to care when they don't. It irks me. Just say so. I do.
(09-15-2017, 02:20 AM)MissLonely79 Wrote: New thought-

What are some of the mind games people play? I know this gut feeling that is left with me after an interaction is not all in my head. Not so much interpersonal relationships such as romantic, family or friendships, wait scratch that, yes all of those but I'm more speaking general. Through out my life, I've always noticed mind games people play but no one ever talks about them or...... gives voice to them. I think these silent mind games or more like power struggles if you will, someone smacking you down mentally so they can have the upperhand...whatever you want to call it, make a lot of people want to just be alone. 

Here is one mind game that people play a lot that I hate:

 I've noticed this A LOT in my life. Way too much. People who come to me with their problems, who want to talk to me about their problems, throw all their problems onto me, and I am thoughtful enough to give them really thought out non-cliche advice. I truly want to help. Well at the end of the interaction, they wind up defending the person they were just talking really badly about that made them feel like poop, and then I see the shift in them like they don't care about it anymore. It's like they really want to spite me and I don't know why? It's like they threw all their problems onto me, made me care about it and get all into it, then they feel better but not in a grateful way. They are not like "hey, that made me feel so much better, thank you". Nah, it's no where near that. It's almost like "ahahaha, I made you just as upset about my situation, or more, as I am and now if I just leave you right in the middle of it, it'll make me feel better because that will make me feel superior. I just dumped all my problems onto you"  Something like that.

This happens to me more often than not. I can't be the only one. My question is, why can't we all just interact normally? Why must there always be a mind game in every interaction. I have not had a genuine human interaction in God knows how long. How did we get here? 

Anyway, what is a mind game you all really hate?

I really understand what you mean. I've not had much of a problem with the example you gave but I've come to believe that everyone has a power complex, ranging from minute (making schedules, dieting and exercising, being good at a game and knowing it) all the way to severe (bosses who shout, hire and fire based on trivial matters - I've noticed this most with chefs... Have walked out on so many jobs - horrible teachers who shout at students where it isn't needed or just anyone who shouts and displays aggression... The only people who shout at me now have dementia so what's everyone else's excuse?). I suppose I feel a good sense of power when my diet and schedule is going really well and when I actively better myself and make other people's lives better.
I suppose it's part of my complex that's making me think that there are lots of people who don't really know themselves and what they're doing when they're interacting, and that it requires a good amount of truthful thought to become self aware. Maybe there's some truth to it too. But I suppose everyone is at different parts of their journeys and we can hope to be lucky to meet people who are like minded and form relationships with them. And I think it's important to accept that lots of people don't know what they're doing and they're not really at fault, thoughts happen to us, they're not our thoughts, we don't create or control them. 
I hope my account of this can resonate with some people, if not then that's also fine. 
(12-04-2017, 05:50 AM)Tealeaf Wrote: Just don't treat me like I'm too stupid to see when things don't add up and waste my time.

My "boss" at the shop literally has many fling relationships and is constantly on the prowl for more, and when I asked him why he's so chicken to admit it, he said "Women are happy when they don't know because "knowing would make them unhappy" so, see, he's doing it for THEIR benefit.

Essentially saying he hopes women are too stupid to question it and should continue living on in blissful ignorance.

I can't reiterate enough how much I dislike him for things like this. But it's a big reason I never did anything but simply intern. I couldn't handle him otherwise. Sounds like the same vein of what you're describing though.
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