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Learn A New Language
(As always, I'm a newcomer, and there's a tonne of posts to read through so I apologise if this has been suggested before.)

Hello boys and girls,

I still don't know who the founder/s of this awesome site is but I think he, she, or they have done us all a justice. There are members here from right across the world, and that's what has given me an idea.

I was wondering if there were people who have been eager to learn a different language, and that being so, would there be who would be happy to put themselves forward to learn / assist?

For example, I consider myself a little above beginner French. Is there any French speakers here who would consider hooking up on Skype or other channels to chat, chill, and teach, who may also have a desire to improve their English?

I think there are numerous benefits to this. Firstly, you could start to improve an existing second language with the assistance of an experienced or native speaker. Secondly, individuals have a chance to get together and have a lighthearted chat and chill while learning. Lastly, I think it also helps us set a goal that we can achieve right here on this forum that we can kind of achieve together. 

Anyone wanting to learn a new language I will do my best to find some learning material for them.

So what do you guys think?

Is there anyone there who wants to learn and anyone who would like to put themselves forward to assist? With any look, we could end up with one or two people wanting two learn or improve corresponding languages.

If anyone is interested, I'll keep my eye on the comments and keep updating this post to compile a wee list.

Wants To Learn
Evanescencefan912: Japanese
Silence Is Deafening: French (I'm currently mediocre - not quite a brand new starter, but I couldn't get through a whole conversation.)

Willing To Help With
Silence Is Deafening: English (and scouse! Toungue )
I'd possibly be interested in learning some more Japanese, it's not available on Duolingo and I don't know if it ever will
Will start a list which will hopefully grow as time goes by. Are you happy to help someone with their English?
I've actually discovered a site (and consequent app) which does this exact thing. So if anyone wants to pick up some new languages, and help others out with their own, head over to Speaky.

Learn while you kill loneliness Smile
"At some point, we've all won that race - us vs at least 40,000,000 others... Seems a bit silly to give up now."

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