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Genuinely wanting a true answer to my dilemma
Thanks everyone for your input
It's a horrible subject
So many go through this and it can be crushing to the point you're life is effected negatively for a long time if not in some cases permanently.
I already know I don't stand a chance as I'm the wrong colour, it's a hurdle I can't jump.
The answer I'm really trying to find out is why I fall for girls who are unobtainable? Or at least in my mind, maybe that's the problem? But I don't know how to overcome that.
And to Dannman, I'm sorry you feel that way, personally I'd love to fall in love with a girl who is. It hot, that way at least I could have her in my life
(11-03-2017, 07:16 AM)Disposition Wrote: So is it possible to change a girls mind...

Hypnosis comes to mind.
Smile   Toungue

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