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Just a hobbit seeking a friend
I’d like to make some new friends... I’m a lovely person, I try to make people smile because I want everyone to be happy. You all deserve toenjoy life!! 
Anyone like Xbox games? Or books? I try my best at baking but I only just manage it, have any tips? 
Or even if it’s just someone to talk to, I’ll be happy to listen!!
Hey Hobbit113C how's it going?

I'd like to be friends Smile

I've just sent you a PM and look forward to your reply
Hi there. I once took a personality test that said of all the races on Middle Earth, I would be a hobbit. Apparently my love for pies, coziness and the allure of fresh radishes straight from my backyard reveal a lot about me. I never go barefoot though. I have far too many body issues to flash my blindingly white ankles in public.

Nice to meet you!

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