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I have decied to not leave until.

I will not stand on the sidelines while "admins" poke, bully, and throw give cokenbull advice because they run the place.
I am here until I am shut down.
This is so mature.... Rolleyes
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such a rebel haha

"Success is not final, failure is not fatal, its the courage to continue that counts." - Winston Churchill
They project their ignorance, hate, and the forum is run by a group of people who bleed users to get their satisfaction of others misery. It is repulsive and makes me think those who enter this will be subjected to the same.

There will be alternate banter from all sides of the admin park in the response I am sure. 3 or 4 posts, because they have to "defend themselves"

Oh Zib, saw your Youtube. Not being sarcastic, nice on the acoustic.
No, i bet this thread will be closed like your last one. They won't ban you yet but if you keep making threads they will eventually. Well i don't know but that's what i think.
My work is never done.
Then I will make a new one. They fix me, I will be nice. I am taking a stand against this.
Why the hell should they give you anything when all you seem to do is insult and attack people? Holy shit, get a clue
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM Smile

[Image: 3b93b58015913ae344b9de645b2d2b2f.jpg]
And you still, to my knowledge, haven't told any one of us what your concerns or issues are.
Roasting Fire - No Rules, free-for-all Discord server not connected to ALL.
Yah I am taking things to the extreme. Well, this is doing no one any bit of good. It was nice talking to those I hit it off with, the rest, well. Haha, I'm done saying anything bad. There's already too much negativity on the internet and me helping it along isn't the greatest. Bye, for reals this time.
We'll see you tomorrow Smile

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