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To the one I haven't met yet.
I love you. Truly.
I wonder if you're even out there. Maybe all this is a bad dream I'll wake up from someday. Realize I'm still a crying 2 day old babe in a crib, who's crying NOT to go to sleep again.
Would it be a nightmare? I wonder.
Anyway, if you'd toss me a line before I'm old and gross, I'd be much obliged. You'll have to do it with a neon sign, though; I'm kind of daft and rusty at this.
I love you, I always did, more then you know. From the day I started crawling, I was on my way to find you. And never let anyone to take you the light behind your eyes.
I love you too. Now, can you hide a body for me? Cops are getting hot.
When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction."
 - Mark Twain.

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