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Website/Forums creation
I really want to  create a website/fforums, I have everything ready but I am unsure about about prices.
does anyone have any recommendations that I can look into?
Polly, I love you so much.
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You can get forum software for free. Arguably, some of the best is free (open source). I'm personally a fan of MyBB, but have also used phpBB as well as vBulletin (which is a paid software).

You will need to understand server management (Linux), security, SFTP, SQL, PHP, HTML, and CSS to properly administer a forum.

Then you will need to select a registrar to secure a domain name and then a webhost to store your files.
Try to speak with guys from *link removed* they are on of the best companies.
And i think if you want to learn,learn from greatest.
I hope everything will be ok!

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