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Life's unfair
Hello everybody, once again I'm here rambling on things you may not care about, but anyways, here I go:
I know life's unfair to all people across the planet, and I should be thankful for the good things I have in my life, and I always try to see those, instead of the things I don't have, but at some points I feel like unfair sh*y it's getting out of hand.
   I'm not going to talk much about relationships, just mention the fact that every girl I been with in a romantic situation  (lets say a relationship, dating, just a casual meeting, etc) leaves me like you'd leave your dog in the woods (lol), and then I see guys who are just maniac assholes with such great, smart and beautiful women, in relationships that last like years and years. I'm not saying I'm perfect at relationships but I put my best efforts in romantic details of all kinds, but at the same time trying not to be an obsessive douche.
   Then there's college, as I said on my first thread Im a 3rd year architecture student (soon to be 4th) and the first year and maybe the second I was kinda lazy, and didn't care too much, but this year I really started to Cath the thrill of it, and I love what I do, putting a lot of freaking effort, never missing a single class, and turning in my papers and models complete and on time. My friends at college (and group partners) are just a freaking mess, lazy and "cool" dudes (you know those guys who get the girls, go to parties constantly, etc).
    The final project of the most important assignment was a really big building, with a LOT of blueprints, and a huge model, I busted my ass tbh, I worked like A LOT, and put a really extensive amount of days on doing it, even missed going to work. Meanwhile these guys dedicated to partying and not caring, they just started working on their respective projects like 2 days before the final day, whit help from their girlfriends who also study architecture, who actually did like 50% of the job. Guess what... I got a C, they got A.

PD: my project had literally no mistakes, as it was checked over and over by professors in the classes (that they missed of course), and their projects were really poor and incomplete.
Did you ask your professor why you got a C? The only positive way I can think to spin it is that maybe he/she holds you to a higher standard because of your work ethic. I don't agree with as things should be graded objectively against a standard, hut maybe they don't operate that way
I agree with Tritone, talk to your professor and find out what was wrong and what you got marked down on. I also agree that the standard should be objective, but again, not all professors operate that way.

As far as the relationships go, from what I've read, most women tend to go after the "Alpha male" type. Even if they are "jerks" as they are more "manly". Regardless of what women say they want and typically after a bad relationship they will say why can't I find a nice guy. This, of course, does not apply to everyone, but seems to ring true.
Why do I make up conversations and scenarios in my head that will never happen in reality...

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