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Want some feedback for my Minecraft buildings.
Hey everyone, as it says in the title, I'm making an RPG-like town in Minecraft and I want some feedback on what I can change, improve or erase.
Take your time in watching the images and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.  =)

Flower Shop:
Food Shop:
Potions Shop:
Farm Shop:
Wood Shop:
General Goods Store:
Museum V1 (Exterior):
Museum V1 (Interior):
Museum V2 (Exterior):
Museum V2 (Interior):
Mansion (Building):
Mansion (Backyard):
Mansion (Main Hall):
Mansion (Rooms):

I don't like the barn at all, I either need to overhaul it or remake it.
The altar of the church is unfinished, that's why you see the pillar columns stopping.  Also, I need a pattern for colored windows.
I'm unsure of the wool colors of the General Goods Store.
I can only pick on Museum shape, I also think that the ceiling is too open and that the windows need to be colored.
I think the pillars of the Mansions' Main Hall need a rework.
I can't give you any constructive feedback because I don't play minecraft so I don't even know how you build that.

With that said, the museum is my favorite. The barn is a barn, I don't see anything wrong with it, actually looks quite cozy.
Why don't you use the same pattern for the church windows as the front window pane thingy?
Flower shop is really cute!

You're good at this.
[Image: tumblr_nijo7fZHBz1qg20oho1_500.gif]
"Being young and dipped in folly, I fell in love with melancholy"
-Edgar A. Poe
I can't pull up the pics from work, but I'll look when I get home. I just recently purchased minecraft for the computer and I'm basically playing with the "Attack of the B Team" mods. I removed about 20 of the ones I didn't want or care for.

What system are you playing on? If on the computer, what mods do you have?

I tried setting up a server last month, but I cannot connect to it from here either. Maybe I'll see if I can get it working with just a plain vanilia world.
Why do I make up conversations and scenarios in my head that will never happen in reality...
Sorry, forgot about this. Looked at them all and you did a great job building a city. Definitely can see a lot of work put into it. The church, museum v2 and mansion are the best.

Here are my opinions and my suggestions for improvements...

Most of your buildings are flat. No depth. The church and mansion (to a lesser degree) being the exceptions.
- The floors should be a different material than the walls (like you did in the mansion and museum v2.)
- I like how you used different stones on the front of the mansion and would recommend you do that for the church and other buildings as well.
- The church should have different material for each of the rooves.
- Add a layer of steps along the edges of each roof, leading up to the top. Protruding out one block to add depth to them. This should also be a different material than the main roof material.
- Instead of making the walls flat with the frames, bring the frames out one block
- Specifically for the church, but can be applied to your other buildings as well, the steps and pillars that you used are the same material as the rest of the church. I would change that up. You did a really great job on the church. I really do like all the dimension that you put into it as well as the details.

Your interiors are great. I love the design of the museum and mansion. So much detail. Great job!
Why do I make up conversations and scenarios in my head that will never happen in reality...
Hey Drew, my apologies for replying late, I didn't expect any answers after a while.

To answer your questions and suggestions, I'm playing on a PS4 and I'm using the Fantasy Texture Pack. I didn't use vanilla graphics in the pics, because that pack was made to make medieval stuff.
These pics are actually outdated now, there have been numerous changes to all the buildings and the Museum V1 doesn't even exist anymore.
I will post new pics though, I definitely still want feedback, because I'm still having the issues I stated at the end of my original post.

Yeah, I know all the structures have a flat floor, but I have no problem with that; many RPG towns and extreme Minecraft builds have flat floors anyway.
I have definitely thought of making the floors a different material and I think Stone Slabs and Polished Andesite will be the solutions.
Funnily enough, the front of the church is not original, I copied it from a movie called "Windtalkers;" mansion and museum though, 100% original.
I didn't understood many of your tips (English is not my first language here and we're dealing with Minecraft Toungue), but I still appreciate your help. Smile

I forgot to tell you, if you think my building style is boring, then you are correct.
I tend to be more practical and don't add unnecessary stuff that I won't nor can't use, like "chairs" or stuff of that nature.
Just an update for those who are interested:
(02-13-2018, 05:35 PM)AnonymousMe Wrote: Just an update for those who are interested:

I checked them out and they look great! The insides are gorgeous and I love the changes you made to the outside of the buildings. However, I still think the roof of the church should be a different color from the rest of the stones (maybe nether brick? or the red nether brick -- nether brick + nether wort, I believe.) That is the only suggestion I have.

Great job!
Why do I make up conversations and scenarios in my head that will never happen in reality...

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