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Feminism from all perspectives
(06-21-2018, 11:15 AM)ardour Wrote: Figures aren't surprising. Men and are mainly assaulted by other men. More men involved in gangs, more men who need to prove their masculinity, more men who binge drink on a night out, more men in dangerous situations like prisons for eg. It doesn't mean we're oppressed. Your chances of getting attacked while out in public are still very low (for both genders...ahem, I mean *all* genders... and non-gender conforming persons)

All aboard the equality train (sadly I don't have access to the entire article though there might be workarounds):
Young women become biggest binge drinkers as boys call time.

And this came to my attention today:
Powerful map reveals dark and shameful reality.

Note: In the second paragraph you'll notice it's called the Australian Femicide Map. Which includes male children as victims...some killed by their mothers alone.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Urgh, feminism.
Why do women earn less at work? Because the system is loaded against women.
Why do women do worse in maths and science? Because education is male oriented and/or women aren't properly encouraged.
Why are violent crimes committed more often by men? Because men are dicks.
Why do more men commit suicide? Because men are violent.
Etc etc etc. On and on and on.
Quote any statistic that highlights some difference between the genders and a feminist will just assume it's the fault of men and/or a system biased against women. It's like a religion; the entire thing is based on an assumption that the faithful won't even consider to be flawed.
My favourite example:
A study found that women lie twice as much as men. The response of one feminist, writing for The Guardian? "Because women are nicer than men."
Feminism isn't an argument, it's a doctrine.

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