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Feminism from all perspectives
(06-21-2018, 11:15 AM)ardour Wrote: Figures aren't surprising. Men and are mainly assaulted by other men. More men involved in gangs, more men who need to prove their masculinity, more men who binge drink on a night out, more men in dangerous situations like prisons for eg. It doesn't mean we're oppressed. Your chances of getting attacked while out in public are still very low (for both genders...ahem, I mean *all* genders... and non-gender conforming persons)

All aboard the equality train (sadly I don't have access to the entire article though there might be workarounds):
Young women become biggest binge drinkers as boys call time.

And this came to my attention today:
Powerful map reveals dark and shameful reality.

Note: In the second paragraph you'll notice it's called the Australian Femicide Map. Which includes male children as victims...some killed by their mothers alone.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Urgh, feminism.
Why do women earn less at work? Because the system is loaded against women.
Why do women do worse in maths and science? Because education is male oriented and/or women aren't properly encouraged.
Why are violent crimes committed more often by men? Because men are dicks.
Why do more men commit suicide? Because men are violent.
Etc etc etc. On and on and on.
Quote any statistic that highlights some difference between the genders and a feminist will just assume it's the fault of men and/or a system biased against women. It's like a religion; the entire thing is based on an assumption that the faithful won't even consider to be flawed.
My favourite example:
A study found that women lie twice as much as men. The response of one feminist, writing for The Guardian? "Because women are nicer than men."
Feminism isn't an argument, it's a doctrine.
Saw some bullshit today that really made me mad.  Someone made a cartoon of a fat demon, among others, and said that this one was a demon of sloth who was "entitled to a girlfriend" and a "neckbeard" and "lazy", because, of course, all men who struggle to attract women are the same, and they all struggle to attract women for the same reasons, and there is no other possible explanation for it.  Then I saw some definitions on Urban Dictionary about incels that basically said they are all misogynist, racist, and have "terrible personalities", you know, not at all like those very intelligent, compassionate, sophisticated, forward-thinking guys with such wonderful personalities who believe their money makes them better than others, or those guys who believe that brute strength, drinking and drugs, breaking rules just to be seen doing it or to spite polite society are the most important things in the world, (way more important than sissy stuff like your health and getting an education and staying out of jail, obviously) and believes that criminals and addicts are heroes to imitate, and who respect women so much that they make crude and derogatory jokes about them all the time and catcall at them while they literally throw money at them to undress.  

I love how they assume that all guys who struggle with women are misogynist and racist, because it couldn't possibly be that the people saying that stuff are just trolling for reactions.  And these few guys who say stuff like that speak for everyone, because of course they do, right?

Imagine if someone said these things about women and tried to paint them all in the same broad brushstrokes, or made jokes about women and being bad at driving and math, or "that time of the month", or about them only being good for stuff like cooking and sex.  Imagine if someone talked about overweight and physically unattractive women the same way that they talk about overweight or physically unattractive men. There would be rioting in the streets.  Women hate being stereotyped and spoken for like that, and rightfully so.  But it's totally OK to make similar generalizations about men who struggle to attract women and make jokes at their expense instead of even trying to hear what they're saying, because some people just can't feel good about themselves without someone even lower on the totem pole than them to kick.  Doesn't sound like a "terrible personality" to me!

I realize that sometimes I look this up on purpose knowing full well what I'm probably going to find, and I'm pretty much making myself angry.  I know better, and that's my fault. I know it's probably just me making a bigger deal than it is, and I'm probably wasting valuable time in my life complaining too much again.  But the hypocrisy and willful ignorance of some of these people is unbelievable.
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(09-28-2018, 02:45 PM)TheSkaFish Wrote: realize that sometimes I look this up on purpose knowing full well what I'm probably going to find,
Indeed. You really shouldn't. In general, the internet is a place where you can find myriads of people with unflexible opinions taggings others as "X" category or brandishing the Scepter of Truth. On either side of a question. Its an exercise in frustration.
Just be who you are. As long as your personnl opinions don't include degrees of harm towards others, ANYONE is entitled to ANY thoughts or ideas they can have on ANYTHING. What others may or may not say dontnmatter mightily much. One incel shot up a place once, killed some folk. All the rest have NOT. Far as Im concerned, they can keep on trucking in the same way.
You realize that Urban Dictionary is about as bad as Wikipedia right? You can't take anything you find on there seriously or for fact. It's just a bunch of random people posting whatever they want in hopes of creating a new trend. Some people posts things on there just to slam someone they are mad at for their own pettiness.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

[Image: hLiitH.gif]
Agree with Richard, the internet encourages extreme tribalism. The annoying thing about incels is that they've made it so much easier to characterise unattractive men in certain ways. They make romantically unsuccessful men look unintelligent, dangerous and generally awful. For SJW types, this is a gift.

For every 'Incel' there's probably 100 socially awkward men, quietly living out their lives alone not hating on or bothering anyone.

Depressing that the majority of people pointing out the social dynamics that make it difficult for introverted men to get dates are either incels or red pillers.
(09-30-2018, 12:20 AM)ardour Wrote: Agree with Richard, the internet encourages  extreme tribalism. The annoying thing about incels is that they've made it so much easier to characterise unattractive men in certain ways.

Society has always (unfairly) characterize unattractive men, just that now they have a  name for them and can find them in one place.
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