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Feminism from all perspectives
Hey kaetic

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(08-31-2019, 03:01 AM)Rodent Wrote: Men will bully other men into counterproductive beliefs but so will women. If you think women are all forgiving of men's weakness, are merely brainwashed into such a lack of mercy by men or are devoid of any kind of social influence, I don't know what to tell you to convince you otherwise.

^This. I wish I'd realized this earlier. I used to think everything was entirely the fault of the asshole "cool guys" enforcing their system on everyone, and everyone, including women, went along with it out of not having the power to resist, or just cause when people are young, looks matter more than anything else, and I thought girls went along with guys who had an asshole personality if they were good-looking, just like guys look the other way on personality for a good-looking girl. I thought the whole thing about power and competition and being "cool enough" to be in certain groups just came from the guy side, and was just kinda competition for competition's sake, and that women would actually appreciate a guy who could be real instead of trying to be yet another overconfident egotistical "cool guy", or "dangerous" and "hard". Now I see it differently. Would have saved me a lot of confusion and frustration and maybe, who knows. Maybe things would have turned out differently if I knew how this really worked. I feel like at the very least, I would have made less of a bad impression if I understood more how most women evaluate guys and what they look for (though maybe still not good enough). I would have definitely not shared about my weaknesses and fears in life, with some people.

(08-31-2019, 03:01 AM)Rodent Wrote: If there was one point I could get across towards everybody, it would be to stop confusing the 1% of men at the top with all men as a class. Then maybe we'd notice glass basements as much as we notice glass ceilings. And we'd notice that most men at the top also of women at their sides.

^and this. It's also frustrating for me, as a guy, to get generalized with all the faults of the top 1% of men, while people ignore these faults in the top 1% of men and reward them anyway. It's like the top 1% of men do these bad things, but instead of ever being taken to task over it, the rest of us pay for their misdeeds like a whipping boy.

Good points, Rodent. +1


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