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Why Can't I post Youtube Vids?
I'm using the Youtube (opening) and backslash Youtube (closing) in square brackets codes, like I have for many years on forums like this.  It opens a little video window, but it is black, and if I click on the "play" symbol, I get "sorry, an error has occured."

Thanks in advance, and sorry if I'm doing something that is blindingly obviously stupid.
Oh, that happens to me but often it's a browser issue. I usually clean my cache/close the window and open a new one.
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You mean like this?

Don't use the button, it doesn't work right.  First copy your link using the Share button below each YouTube video, for the one above I had this link   You have to type the code yourself [ youtube ]  Then paste your link removing the leaving the rest so from my example above you'd be left with /kkc3q0ESuaA and then close it using [ /youtube ]  just without the spaces in the square brackets, I had to do that so you could see it. So you will have something like this, just with no spaces in it.

[ youtube]/kkc3q0ESuaA[/youtube ]

Your videos should then appear.
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Thanks, but that's what I've done. I've done it on forums for a decade. I actually administrate a forum. Just doesn't work here, for some reason.


Might happen if you leave space after "[yuotube]" and/or before "[/youtube]"
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Also, Loaded, if i reply to your latest comment, it shows that the full url is included. That'd be why it does not work. Leave the youtube . com part out.
Thank you, Volt. I have it worked out now. Just different to what I'm used to.
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