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Life is so hard!
I read your other posts. How are things going?
(02-02-2018, 04:55 AM)ManitobaBrit70 Wrote: Can someone please explain life to me because I really don't understand why its so hard and complicated!? Sad
Feeling very sad and lonely today and need motivation........

I've always felt the same way.  Things have always seemed difficult for me too, from the small things to the big things.

I think one reason that life is hard and complicated, is that it's hard to align everything we do towards one purpose.  There are so many competing interests we have in life, usually between necessity and desire, and it can feel like you're being pulled in two or more different directions at once.  

For example, you have to have a job, but it might not fulfill you.  It's probably going to be something utilitarian and not something you truly care about or something that will make you a more interesting, attractive person.  You need to be at least somewhat competent at the job to keep it, but if you aren't truly interested in it this can be hard.  But you need it to eat to live...just to do it all over again.   The uncertainty here is if you are really doing the best you can do, or if you could be doing something you like more, getting paid more, etc.     

Then you need to get good at something you like, for the sake of your soul.  And then, you need to have things to share and talk about with others in order to be interesting, and you have to learn to say things in the right way, otherwise you'll wind up alone. You have to have one of the right personalities.  All of this takes time and work to really understand what you are trying to do, which you may not even get, and you're not sure which if any of these things will even work at all. All of those things are really complex themselves and require a lot of understanding to master.  And there's no set path you can follow either, you have to learn this stuff on your own.

And at all these things, we have to compete with everyone else out there.

So without even considering anything else, that's several different directions you have to go in at once.  That's why it's always seemed hard for me, anyway.
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That's just the nature of life.

Life is hard and unfair.

But here's a secret. 

It's hard and unfair for everybody.

The billionaire and the guy who can sleep with any girl that he wants?

He has the same feelings you do. He also has problems and stressors. He also has challenges and obstacles he must over come. 

Take solace in that.

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