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The spider story
The spider story

I found 'a spider' in my bathroom. I stood on it.
The little bastard has inconveniently occupied my space.
He has frightened and threatened me while I was dressing in front of the mirror.
He has soiled my home and my expensive triple quilted toilet paper.

Now repeat the story and replace 'a spider' with each of the following:
a sibling, 
a spouse,
a child,
a friend,
a pet,
a visitor

Finally repeat the story one more time and replace 'a spider' with 'myself'

Please leave a comment and tell others what you learnt from this story.
I'll add a picture for extra effect.

[Image: 5600506.jpg]
Next time leave the picture of the spider out of this story...I scrolled down the page and just about jumped out of my skin...Sheesh.

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