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The spider story
The spider story

I found 'a spider' in my bathroom. I stood on it.
The little bastard has inconveniently occupied my space.
He has frightened and threatened me while I was dressing in front of the mirror.
He has soiled my home and my expensive triple quilted toilet paper.

Now repeat the story and replace 'a spider' with each of the following:
a sibling, 
a spouse,
a child,
a friend,
a pet,
a visitor

Finally repeat the story one more time and replace 'a spider' with 'myself'

Please leave a comment and tell others what you learnt from this story.
I'll add a picture for extra effect.

[Image: 5600506.jpg]
Next time leave the picture of the spider out of this story...I scrolled down the page and just about jumped out of my skin...Sheesh.
Spiders?  I think, as my diplomatic duty to my foreign brothers and sisters, as an Australian, I should possibly not contribute much to this thread.  Smile

But I can't resist, so I will....   

Below is a "Sydney Funnel-Web".  You can see it is rearing up.   Yes, they jump and attack.  After you're bitten, you've got about an hour to get to a hospital and get the anti-venom, or it's "goodnight nurse".   Sleep tight.  Smile
When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction."
 - Mark Twain.
Jeez I don't like spiders and that beastie makes UK spiders look cute! What gets me with spiders is that when you turn round in the bathroom and suddenly see a large hairy arachnid is that it fires off the flight/response totally out of proportion to the threat- it might just as well have been a bat winged monster! In the funnel webs case it probably would be appropriate- at least uk spiders don't leap and attack!

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