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How do I cope with people lying to me about poop?
- Be me.
- Be working.
- Guy's dog throws at me in attack mode.
- Guy stops it and says it doesn't hurt.
- Points out there's dog poop on the floor and it wasn't he.
- Says it's from yesterday but I can see it's fresh.
- Do I impose so little respect that I can't be told just to pick it up?
- Or respect is not needed when you are supposed to deal with poop?
I'm actually David Blane.
nice pasta
I don't give a crap (hehe, crap...get it?).

"Guy stops it and says it doesn't hurt."
Did you consider shoving poop up guy's mouth?
This is a true story.
I'm actually David Blane.
I'm not sure I'm understanding. Is the shit in front of your door or something?
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