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What will make you stop and feel peace for a moment?
For me it seems to be little birds.
Today I seen a robin and I swear anyone around would of thought I had been stunned.
I see a young small black and white bird every day. I swear its the same one and never appears to age.
When I go out taking pictures I end up in some truly amazing places, away from people, traffic and "modern life". Nature if life's antidepressant.
[Image: 2vj1q3q.jpg]
Medditterean holiday.......get the beach right not too hot not to crowded consume pint to get rid of nervous tension head back book on head to shade Sun .....listen to the waves lapping on the shore even better if there's a slight peace Smile
hmm that all sounds like places that aren't in the city. I live in the shittiest position you could imagine. No trees, lakes, rivers, nothing. The fuck am I supposed to do? Well, the only thing I can do, pull this website up and talk to others, that is just about it.
When I'm at my dad's place, in the middle of the woods, with NOTHING around except the sounds of nature. That's when I remember that it's more my place than anywhere else in the world.
I try not to cling to that peaceful moment too long. Because I know it's an ephemeral illusion that will simply not last and that a day or two latter, I'll be back in the bustling city that I hate, doing a job a hate, in a life in a hate. Clinging to that moment will just make the pain more difficult to bear.

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