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freely forgiving
what does that mean to me?
it means not being ashamed of what I see in me
sure I stumble, sure I fall
but I get back up ready to face it all
I do have regrets that I can never forget
but that's not stopping me from taking a breath
or living my life despite struggle and strife
I've had it hard, had it easy
some days are dark some days they please me
and you've had good and bad days too
like others around you
around us, we're everywhere
sometimes we're selfish, ignorant, sometimes we care
just not at the same time and not the same place
we see things from different perspectives different mind states
one thing I know well is that to be free you must forgive
let go of your anger and let others live
have faith that justice will come in it's due time
you can't put out a flame with fire but you can be kind
to those who do you wrong
remember the silent can be strong
if we all gave in to anger, sought revenge, and hurt each other
can there be peace with our fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters?
I can contain the pain I feel 
even if it means crying to the God who hears
some people have no one to cry to
they feel unloved so they show no love to others too
we can't force others to show love 
but we can be the one to show them that that is what we're made of
When Life starts throwing rocks at you, you don't just stand there do you?
oh boy
I'm jealous. I wish I could write poetry half as deep as that. Bravo.

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