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How to start a business from zero! Oliver's story
The main problem is that most of the people don't have anything to start a business and they are stuck with low wages and just living day to day... I was one of those people and i want to help people that are in same spot where i was. I was struggling with the fact that i need to start some business, and one day my brother (who's football coach) told me that he got in touch with some german managers that know what results will be at some matches, and that they are working online because they can't bet some large amounts and stay unnoticed, at first i thought it's impossible, but one year after that i can say it was one of the best thing my brother did, we just recentlly opened restaurant together and we can't me more grateful for this opportunity. You can add this german manger on Skype, his skype id is ''(spam)'', he's best in the business, only problem is that he doesn't work with everyone, so good luck !
(03-15-2018, 04:34 AM)Oliver22 Wrote: that know what results will be at some matches sports are fixed?

Hot damn. Grandpa was right all along. I knew about wrestling, but who'd have thunk it about hockey, or baseball, or soccer?

He's so cute too. He actually wants people to send 100 bucks to him on Skype. I thought only Nigerian con men did that, I still get 3 emails a day about my varied inheritance funds.
What... wrestling is fake?

Lol yep better contact that german manger now. Funny his brother, who is football coach, didn't tell him about how all the games are fixed.
I did it, still going after 8 years, Ave $200,000 gross.....well more than that but too much said already.
Am I the only one that wants to know what kind of restaurant he opened up?
How To Bet On Fixed Matches

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