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Looking for the damned ones
I have gone through horrible life, it sounds like a movie because its so crazy.
I mostly dont get along with people who didnt even got through half or more than wnat I went trough. Basically if you cannot be im my shoes you wont get me and we wont get along, eventually.

I am looking for people in absolute-near absolute damnation. A very rare kind of people because some kill themselves and some lock themselves up from entire world. Only you will understand me and I will understand you.

Criteria: (you must be all of them)
*your life is shit since you remember yourself
*you passed a long series of traumas, one after another
*and you generally still finding yourself dying inside
*none of your parents ever loved you
*you have gone trough abuse in the family by both sides, especially as a kid and teen
*your brothers and sisters dislike you, your whole family has been hostile towards you
*you was the family scapegoat, unjustly blamed, demonized
*you was an outcast in school, everyone avoided you there and some years if not all you have gone trough bullying
*your past compulsively chases you every day and every night in forms of memories and nightmares
*you have felt like you never belong anywhere no matter what
*your romantic interests were only hurting you most of the time
*you have been cosntantly victimized by whoever possible
*all your friends either lose interest, backstab or just leave you
*you have been gone trough shaming in your life
*you feel people generally dont disrespect you, even the closest ones
*nor they give a flying f**k about what youve been trough even if you reveal them or self mutilate in front of them
*you have been abandoned by everyone close to you in your darkest times
*you generally feel all or most of those people who hurt you dont even feel any guilt
*humans have made you believe you are unworthy of love
*you had suicide attempts, self mutilation, and had time phases of thinking about death 24/7
*you dont function properly in day to day life
*your social life is close to zero or a round zero
*you live in constant fear and darkness
*you are way out of the norm and hate social cliche and following social rules
*people has been ganging up on you
*people have tried to tame and control your mind with punishments included
*your life is stalled all cause of that
*you know what severe depression, anxiety and paranoia feel like 

Some of your ideas must be:
*you dont believe in forgiveness towards undeserving scum
*you dont mind negative talking mostly
*you see the world as a cruel, evil place
*you believe new age spirituality and dogma are unrealistic bullshit
*you still find yourself being blocked by guilt sometimes when it comesmto harm strangers just because, even after all youve been trough
*you have a lot of anger, pain and hatred pent up inside (most people wont understand this)

If you fit the criteria, all of it. Message me. If you saw this post late, you cam still message me.
Dunno, i don't meet some of this requirements, is still ok to pm you? Big Grin
All your anger and your hurt
Doesn't matter in the end
Those days go by
[Image: A174F39B7DCA2014B226A9BC389A1C1689869A07]
(03-24-2018, 08:58 AM)Unix Wrote: Dunno, i don't meet some of this requirements, is still ok to pm you? Big Grin

Quote:Criteria: (you must be all of them)

To be honest, the OP is taking a very hard stance here, he/she is basically asking for someone with exactly the same experiences in life and that is very unrealistic, this is a total "cop out" a way to say... see I tried but nothing came from it, you will never find someone that fits all your criteria, not as a friend nor a partner, you'll always have to make decisions and sacrifices.
Nah, you just need to be positive.
I'm actually David Blane.
(03-24-2018, 09:29 AM)Xpendable Wrote: Nah, you just need to be positive.

Eventhough I know this is a sarcastic jab at me, it's partially true, be positive, be accepting, be honest (in every way), and there is lots more... these are just the ones that I have discovered to be helpful in connecting to people, of course it hasn't helped with everyone either.

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