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Women in your forties
I love all things maritime, and I'm a word nerd. Not available, but that's not the point. The point is, I'm not the only one.
Do not mess with ANZAC.
(03-30-2018, 06:34 PM)TheLoadedDog Wrote: I love all things maritime, and I'm a word nerd.  Not available, but that's not the point.    The point is, I'm not the only one.

I Google a lot of stuff about beautiful boating destinations. There are so many close to me in Fl, the Bahamas...what are the waters like in Australia? Are there any calm waters like the Gulf of Mexico where I live?

I completely respect the men my age looking to marry and have a family and would never dream of being an option for them...its the men with grand kids looking to date a super model who aggravate me...any ways I took a day of from letting this B.S infiltrate my soul and I apologize for my rant. Smile
I know you are banned and probably won't be back, which is a little sad as I thought you were really doing a lot better than you were before your last ban :| Anyway should you read this, I'd say good luck and also hubba hubba at you new profile picture, I do that because I know women like being objectified, especially the educated middle aged ones... I got that the right way right?

As for your "women in your forties" rant, I completely understand, although I don't think what you want is unreasonable, sadly it is unlikely as the playing field has been thinned so much and you are looking for a specific set of attributes that are very desirable.

Compare it to this "men in your thirties" rant I shall now add to the end of this, what do I as a single man in my mid thirties want? I want an age appropriate single female with similar interests, and I don't want a single mom, as I never had to deal with children I don't think I could do the ready made family, I also don't want a girl that has the baby rabies, because I'd like to have a normal relationship first, where children could be part of at some point. Equally unlikely I would guess, as most single women my age are mom's, or feel their clock ticking and want basically the first sentence out of their mouths is "how do you feel about kids" ...

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