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Why am I not getting interviews?
(03-31-2018, 09:02 AM)Seahorse Wrote: No one on here has a good job or can even post a real picture of them self lol... It was a joke for me to ask for advice

It is the most strange thing to me to hide behind a cartoon character and fake name. I don't belong here

I use my face as my avatar in the chatroom and most people on there know what everyone does for a living. Many also know what other members look like from getting to know each other over time.

Your behavior is so strange to me. Do you have any disorders that might explain the sudden mood swings or attitude changes that keep happening? Not trolling.
All-righty then...😜
I don't think I have a disorder but admit I'm pissed off.. I'm new to random strangers with cartoon characters and fake names...sorry but I'm not planning on getting on board the "forum types" I gave it a try.... And its not my cup of tea.. No need... To beat a dead horse

Most normal people would find your animated cartoons strange in addition to your long winded signatures but inability to actually talk to another human in person !!!!
Me thinks it's not the resume that is turning away the job opportunities.

Oh dear....don't know if it's a good idea her picture being left on the forum can she still contact the mods if she wants it removed?
I think the resume is the bigger issue. Why you would post something with all that personal info on a public forum is beyond me. That is just asking for trouble.
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