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The best things in life are free
I'm a firm believer in this and I want you to come up with something you absolutely love to do or experience that is totally free for you, or anyone.

For me, it's cuddling and/or sleeping beside a cat. It's such a great feeling to cuddle, let alone with something as adorable as a cat, but I like that for a cat especially, it signifies an intense bond and trust between you. That's a notion I enjoy very much from anyone, that kind of intimacy.

A cat trusts you implicitly to ever sleep on you. That's when they're most vulnerable.
[Image: giphy.gif]
Sleep. Popping joints. Stretching.
Cats cost quite a bit of money though, like vaccinations, food and other vet checks, etc, etc.
The obvious Big Grin... and gardening/ tennis
Walking through woodland. I've done it a lot and never found anything as consistently enjoyable
People that great you in the car for giving way, or truckers that honk for not stopping right on the edge of an intersection so they can take the corner without trouble.
Random encounters with forest animals although I live in a city now. Like those three deer that were right in front of my apartment block entrance this morning. Mostly it's squirrels.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
[Image: d8mV4rP.gif]
Yes those random encounters are pretty cool...............unless you happen to be sleeping out and are wakened by a fox sniffing your face. Scary Smile
Swimming in a cool mountain lake at sunset with no other people around for miles Big Grin - my absolute favourite free thing in far. ;-)

I would also have to agree with Jently and Rodent .....walks in the woods as well as seeing wildlife are peaceful treasures that I am fortunate to enjoy and could never get tired of.
Singing is pretty cool. It's a free instrument that doesn't need fingers, and passes the time rather nicely.
Well... can't say it's completely free though, given the cost of glass windows. Big Grin
I am known as a walrus, but at the same time, it's tea time, so naturally, a fiddle is really a shoe in disguise as a pear.

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