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If you had another chance at life.....
Hoping this will ignite some interest Shy

You're where you are today be it content or not.If you had a second chance at life how would you like it to play out.

I would like to have been a struggling american actor single right up to my thirties living in a house share with fellow thespians just getting by with enough money to occasionally party, pay the rent ,enough theatre small parts and adverts just keeping below the radar and surviving waiting for the big break.

Then the call ...a new show being made they need someone big and ugly to play a zombie in a big scene opposite some geezer called Rick .Said show takes off big time,I get continually cast as a zombie,well paid enough to buy a small house with a 1950s mustang as my pride and joy.I meet another zombie actress between takes we fall in love get married...2.5 kids and being 45 now I hear rumours that I'm being considered for a bigger role ........
There are a million things I could differently. But being as I have no idea how different my life would be, better or worse, I don't think I would change anything.
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(04-06-2018, 04:32 AM)TheRealCallie Wrote: There are a million things I could differently.  But being as I have no idea how different my life would be, better or worse, I don't think I would change anything.

Thanks Callie ...hope you have nice weekend Smile
I would take a second chance, but only if I have the knowledge I do now.
Fighter jet pilot
I'd make a lot more moves during my school years, in terms of forming connections, both with girls and friends. That would have a tremendous ripple effect.
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Well... I can't say for sure how this one is going to turn out yet. There are some choices that I regret, but they led me to happy moments that I wouldn't have had otherwise. Who's to say it would be any better? Or, that I would appreciate it more than this life. We always want what we can't have.
If I could just have the last decade back with what I know now then there's really no doubt in my mind that things would be so much better for me.
I think I would have tried harder to meet people as early as elementary school. Spending more time being interested in books, art, etc, contributed in the long run to me being slower to learn socially.

I wish I'd never pursued my first choice for education and career, and pursued one of the more in-demand trades at the time instead.
A Freudian slip is when you say one thing but mean your mother.
It feels like there's nothing ahead of me now so I think about this on a regular basis.

I'd do a ton things differently. #1 - Dress normally. #2 Go out more. Get involved in clubs while at university instead of thinking friends would just happen by turning up to lectures. Not be a poorly dressed slob who wore a cap all the time (to hide baldness and a certain resemblance). Not play games at a internet cafe on week nights. Most of my regrets don't involve dead ends, missteps or wrong career paths choices ,etc., but just not doing things while letting paranoia over apperance rule my life.

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