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If you had another chance at life.....
If I had another chance at life, I would like to be a another person. Someone who is perhaps glib, almost devoid of emotions, non introspective, thick skin...more of an a$$hole to be precise. Because a$$holes and bullies seem to be blessed with all the good things in life. Heck, one even became president of a country.
I think my biggest mistake was thinking I had to have a girlfriend. I thought that was a missing piece in my life. All these years later and that relationship has caused me more depression than I thought possible. That's why I really hate seeing people on here think they are a loser because they don't have a BF or GF. I honestly would have been happier alone.
I guess there are a lot of things I’d do differently if I got a free pass at starting over. I’d want to be female and to be more outgoing. Hopefully I’d have a proper upbringing and a solid support network. I’d also go to collage right out of high school, as I feel that is one of my biggest missed opertunies. I had no idea what I wanted to take so I defaulted to a day job. It look me 28 years to figure out that I could become a writer. 😂

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