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I need a name for a race of sentient robots....
Just off the top of my head, but if I suggest something, if a sentient race of robots named themselves, they wouldn't name themselves according to what they are, but according to what they DO. Effeciency and all that jazz, they would probably prefer describing purpose rather than being.
So I don't know what your motivation or what place they have in your story, but IMO it should be short, serve as an easily rememberable "hook" word and be descriptive of the function they perform. The name I suggest, for example, based on your Genesis and Nexus idea, is a central core of thought which creates or destroys. Geo-mods or Geomods, Geo for geography, mod for their creation or destruction function.

Just an idea that hopefully helps you get one yourself ;-)
i was very fascinated by a synthetic race featured in supreme commander, a group of syntetic androids that called themselves "The cybran nation"

Gravitrons maybe  Big Grin reminds me of ratcher&clank
I never give up
Your name sounds much better. The Unix.
Loneliness of spirit is discovered in our depths.
Sometimes, when we least expect it, loneliness freezes us.
Or perhaps it feels like the bottom dropping out of our being.
We feel incomplete, as if something important is missing.
We feel shaky and insecure inside, weak and 'clingy'.
Sometimes this gnawing deficiency makes us want to 'devour' others
—to get as much of them as possible,
to complete our egos by possessing them.
Or we might seek to be supported and protected by others.
You first need an origin, where did they come from? How did they evolve into a sentient race? What was their purpose before this evolution?
If it's to be their official name given to them by their human creators, what about "Cyberpersonnel"?
And if they're sentient they'll have found their own name for themselves....AIFolk? NeoPeople?
What we think we become.

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