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Post one of your rules
A rule for life. It could be something that applies to only you or maybe everyone.

I'll start

Never tell anyone your favourite biscuit. From the moment you share something, others will pick it apart in some way that makes it less enjoyable.
Never give up. Never surrender.

Pawned it off Galaxy quest when I was what, 16? But I still apply it to this day. I haven't surrendered yet.
Don't Trust Anybody.

Not sure whether I fully succeed in sticking to it.
Pack the ibuprofen. Smile
Don't make things worse than they already are.
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

Your a fool to think that everyone you ever meet Is of value.

A life is a life. Family have no higher importance than anyone else.

Everyone dies at some point. Not saying the cat won't die if you don't open the box will only ever be ignorance.
Keep it simple
As you get older you will realise that most people don't see anything outside their own views.
Your life is no longer your own when you have children.
Love is genitals.A after kids it doesn't exist

The word worse is used in psychological head games to gain an upper hand.

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