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Permanent inferiority complex
(05-02-2018, 04:30 PM)lilE Wrote: I feel like I am beneath everyone and that everyone has something against me, hates me, dislikes me. I feel worthless compared to everyone. Like everyone is better than me in every single way. I can't even be around people, even when i think about people I think of how worthless and a piece of shit I am considering everything. I have no friends and no experience in relationships, which rings true to my feelings of not being good enough or worthy enough to have friends, socialize, or even be around people. I cannot relate to anyone, and I feel like I am not even human, that I am an animal, and am treated as such. I can't take this anymore and don't know what to do besides isolating. 

As I read your statement of heartfelt sentiments, I thought about the instances in the past where I felt that way....and there were a few, the early ones worst than the next.....until I managed to not let myself get bludgeoned to death by my creative alter ego, who I named “drama queen” 

It takes only our words, positive or negative, to get us into despair or feel jubilant. It’s that simple. You are now set in negative thoughts which you(we)project in our interactions with others, lots of people get put off when they sense negativity in others, so they withdraw and withhold from interacting with those they simply don’t understand, fear or don’t care to engage. We need to remind ourselves that what we feel is what we unconsciously project to others who interact with us. 

These days if I get into one of my depressive cycles and start to feel sorry for myself and think about my solitude and visiting from friends and family....whatever....I flip the scene to a time of survival.....a World in which somehow I am the sole works like magic....I stop hoping for emotional feedback and my depressive sliding ride ends abruptly. I move on defeated by my own willful determination to not let my “drama queen” take over. Do whatever works for your humorous negative side a pet name....understand it and make it work for you. We are here to help, because we know exactly how it feels like....I am not cured, but I have learned to live with myself in my solitude, afraid no more.
I'm not sure if this'll make you feel better, but what I do is just focus on the people that I admire - people in my life or famous people (granted we can never be too sure about people we've never met).

The way I think is, as long as you're not going around raping women, molesting children and blowing up tube trains filled with commuters - as long as you're a caring, compassionate individual who respects others and doesn't look down on the less fortunate, then I can say for certain that you're definitely one of the best of humanity.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
Feel tearful reading your post, you've become so down on yourself it's spiralled out of control and you're utterly lost. I have been here too in the past, the thing is, everything you say is simply untrue, it is not real. We all do this from time to time, just because we think it doesnt make it true; and it is easily done when spending time alone with our own negative thoughts for too long.

You need to acknowledge that when you compare yourself to others it serves you in no way at all. Then you need to promise yourself 'I'm not doing it anymore'.

When it happens, distract yourself with something else, if you commit to doing this, eventually one day you will realise I dont do that anymore, it has gone and I feel better about myself and being with others. You can gain contol here and get past this x

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