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All these new faces
I come back every now and then. Every time the forum is made up of new accounts. Newbies who joined in 2013 and now think that they own the place... So I might just have to re introduce myself?

Annexe Finland.
I'm actually David Blane.
Welcome, Putin. (Never thought I would say that, lol)
Hey vlad, hope you are doing well Big Grin
You know, they say that we never stay still. You either go forward or you either go backward
Welcome back Vlad
Welcome back, Vlad.

I'd say your low post count and inactivity is moreso the reason to have to reintroduce yourself, don't you think? Toungue

Hope all is well and your stay is more comfortable this time around to warrant staying around longer. Smile
[Image: LhOTIow.png]
Hi Vlad! This has my vote for most unlikely crossover. 🤣

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