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Lonely and in a relationship ...
Anyone knows solution to this problem? ^^

It's not a joke post, someone is in love with me, and we are together, but my social calendar and facebook friends number 16 status still s***s.

So ... should I work on my friends number stuff?


PS. I don't feel alone when I'm with her, but I just want that she and PC games are only two things which I got so ....

I know it's little bit tricky teritory but ...

Thank you for your thoughts.
No. What is the point of that?

If you want to make friends then make friends. Don't start adding people just so you can have a higher friend count. o.O

My question was; is it ok if I wanna make friends even if I'm in relationship? Would be wierd to have GF and make new female friends f.e.?
Doesn't have anything with adding people on facebook.
It is ALWAYS okay to make more friends. It doesn't matter whether you have a girlfriend or not or a million friends or no friends.
However, I'm not so sure upping your friends list on Facebook is the way to go about getting more friends. Just because they are on there does not make them your friend.
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