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Tired of trying to be "normal"
i tried of doing all the things "normal" people do, socializing, doing things together, talking about current pop culture, trying to seem happy and content. im none of those, i decided i cant pretand anymore. I'm lonely and pasimic nihillist and thats about it
Greetings from a fellow member of Not-Normal!
(05-24-2018, 07:19 PM)bleed_the_freak Wrote: Greetings from a fellow member of Not-Normal!

well thanks, at least im not that mad i guess
Normal is definitely overrated, lol
You do you, my friend Smile
[Image: giphy.gif]
I gave up trying to be normal a long time ago. It was a really phony and faky effort for trying to be cool.
What we think we become.
I recently started an office job in a corporate environment, and I come home so drained from pretending to be normal.
Normal is a relative term. Judging by the standards of normalcy pushed by society and media, Id say the vast majority of Earth is definetely abnormal.

Thank the gods...
I'm normal. I'll swear to it by the very gods of purple hippopotamus squeaky bananas.
"Ah, well.  I suppose it has come to this."
 - Ned Kelly
I don't believe in normal since everyone's definitions seem to vary. Normal isn't fun anyways so it's better to just be you! ^^

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