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How likely is it that.......
How likely is it that secure, seemingly contented, socially functional and logistically successful people will like and care about someone with poor self esteem?  I'm thinking about  otherwise reasonably functional people who struggle with low self esteem.
If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your own path.

Well, people can have millions of dollars but still be insecure about themselves. I imagine it can happen in more ways than one, either that person A is too preoccupied with themselves to notice person B who also has poor self-esteem, or A does notice B's insecurity and is either repulsed by it or tries to help B out because A can relate to the feeling. Of course, people with low self-esteem can only be helped by others if they help themselves.
I think it's pretty likely. Like extreme unit said. I'm more in the camp of A tries to help B out because A can relate to the feeling. I have a one or two close friends that I know have really bad self esteem. I don't go wild trying to change them or anything but when certain situations come up I try to help the best I can.

I think most people don't mind as long as the person isn't being annoying with it or constantly doing nothing but talking down on themselves. I'm sure that would get old fast.
Thanks both of you for the feedback. I guess I just needed to hear it from somebody else. I've been told that I can be annoying from time to time, talking down on myself. Gotta change that.....and accentuate the positive a bit more.
If you light a lamp for someone, it will also brighten your own path.

I think it is pretty likely because most people do not know others have low self-esteem, unless they really know each other. Even then, people look at you different than you look at yourself.

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