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Popular Girl taking over and getting too much attention
(06-15-2018, 03:19 AM)JustHereforAdvice Wrote:
(06-09-2018, 11:14 PM)kaetic Wrote: Ok... One just because a boy says he wants to fuck someone doesn't mean it's a crush, doesn't mean he even likes her. It's just a stupid thing teenagers (and some adults) say because hormones and puberty.

Two, you said she's your friend... Why? If you don't even like her why do you label her as your friend? 

Three, simple fix if you don't want to hang around this person... Don't hang around her. You've only got what four more years of high school? After that you probably won't ever see her or even most of your class ever again.

Last, high school really isn't that big of a deal. Have fun, do your best grades wise and go to college if your career goals call for it. But don't take it too seriously because it's ending and soon.

Hope that helps.

I know the guy who wants to fuc her doesn't have a crush on her. Just the fact that every boy in the class has liked her in some way, I don't really care if they like me or not it's just frustrating.
I mean shes fun to hang out with but she can be a bitch

All the girls revolve around her, so if I don't have out with her. Theres no one to hang out. Theres two other girls but they are always on their phone and I don't get along with them and stuff.
I can't have fun if I'm sitting on a bench alone at break or lunch time, or I can;t have fun at the library alone.

I can't stay alone for 4 years. My best friend is leaving next year. 
I know high school isn't a big deal but I wanna have fun. That popular girl is fun but It's just torturing to just sit around as she pushes people.
It's ending in 4 years 
I just want to have a good time at school. 
Idk I just needed to rant because I can't tell any of my friends at school.
And she doesn't flirt with guys n stuff, she just doesn't seem to care.
It's just she has a perfect life and idk

(06-12-2018, 08:48 PM)TheLoadedDog Wrote: OK.  I was a nerd at school.

I'm 48 and can only give you my life experience.  The "popular girl" will end up with a teenaged pregnancy and spend her life overweight and working at Walmart on minimum wage.  You will quietly do well.  I'm not saying this to be nice; I'm saying it because I'm old enough to have seen this play out many times, and I know I'm right.

But what am I supposed to do with that information.

I just want my school life to be fun.
Sorry I've been offline for a while.
I can guarantee you she does not have the perfect life.
We all have our own struggles.
When I was in high school there was a girl I absolutely hated, because I thought the same thing.
I was unhappy in my family life, and not exactly a popular kid.
She and I happened to have the same first name, and that just made it all the more unbearable for me.
A friend I'd had since I was four years old became her best friend and suddenly we didn't hang out.
My hatred grew.
She was pretty, her family had money, the guys wanted to screw her. She seemed to think that was hilarious and loved to brag about it. She would brag about her modeling and acting ambitions. (I wanted to act, and I imagined her supportive family)
Then I grew up.
I found out that during high school her stepfather was molesting her and when she tried to get help, her mother took his side and abandoned all three of the kids to fend for themselves. Her life was far from perfect, it probably still is.
Does it mean she was a great person and I was wrong to dislike her?
Maybe, maybe not. It's not like I ever actually gave her a chance. I hated her from the start because I was jealous.
We all have problems, and we all make mistakes. Especially at that young an age.

But if it's really that you don't like how she treats other people... and if she really is doing something wrong.

Then you need to decide which is more important. Having fun with this girl or not being complicit in how she's treating others.
Silence is agreement. If she's doing something wrong, you see it and do nothing then you're complicit. That means equally responsible.
There is no scenario that will allow you to do both. Not unless you somehow talk to her straight out, in private (to avoid embarrassing her) and she says "oh, you're right. I am a bitch. I should change."
To clarify... that's not going to happen. People don't like to admit when they're wrong... and therefore don't change.

But be sure in either case that you're willing to live with the consequences.
And yes, that might mean eating alone in a lunchroom, or "having fun" in a library.
It could also mean having regrets about how you treated someone in high school when you're a grown adult.
That's not fun either.

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