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AM I being pathetic
So I was on Instagram and saw a video where a guy was in the bathroom and was on the sink doing something inappropriate and the sink broke. But everyone was wondering why was there a camera in the bathroom. 

And now it got me thinking about some of the inappropriate things I've done in the bathroom. Although I'm a paranoid person anyone and I looked all over the bathroom or any room scanning for cameras. 

But I'm just so worried now, like what if there's a video floating around of me on camera in the bathroom? I used to work at an education administration building and I spent a lot of time in their bathroom... do you all really think it was a camera in there or am I being ridiculous.

I'm so afraid of the video getting out and ruining my life. Although I didn't do anything really bad, it just was a while ago and it was inappropriatye in the bathroom stall. Do you all think it was a camera? 

This is coming from someone who scans my own house for bugs from time to time. I am really scared now.
The answer to your question is yes.

Why would anyone care to film you?
My answer to your question

When people have their phones out I always wonder if they are recording me.
If you were doing inappropriate things in someones bathroom or some public place then yeah you should be worried. The only place you should do inappropriate things is in your own bathroom.

Oh and I think you answered your own question as to why someone would put a camera in the bathroom.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
Never Give Up!  Never Surrender!

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Gotta be a mental acrobat to get a handle on this question  Rolleyes Is the question really' im afraid of losing my façade of respectability' Smile hee hee after all the 'inappropriate behaviour seemed appropriate at the time. If it happened its true so wheres the problem.....i suppose its maintaining a lie which takes some energy and lot of congested snake doublethink...ah well, truth has never be fashionable in society and those that gravitate towards it are leaving the herd...… maybe that could be a new trajectory ie say fk it  Big Grin i'll do whatever I damn please in any bathroom cuz I like it  Big Grin  [but please nothing too messy as everyone else has to use it]  its possible you could become a youtube/instagram hero for bringing outrageous bathroom antics out of the 'closset'...go for it I say..whatever floats yer boat  Cool Big Grin    

Anyhow whether its 'inappropriate' behaviour from presidents to paupers  Cool nobody really gives a **** Big Grin
Depends on where you live. In Canada its actually illegal to install cameras in public bathrooms. I actually thought that law was everywhere and most of those "funny" bathroom videos fake so people can make money with all the viewers clicking the buttons on youtube or instagram.
I wouldnt worry overly much, especially if it was say, security footage. Very unlikely it would ever get released.

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