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For some reason I never tell my parents when im medically sick
I'm about 13 and I live with both my parents.

So for some reason (I have no idea why) I just cant get myself to tell my parents when im sick.
Like if I have a cough a never tell my mom or dad.

And the I always find a why to solve my problems alone, like if I have some symptom and Im like what, I always google.
Like if I feel a certain stomach ache I google it and I do like research. I have no idea to why I can't tell my parents.

Like I think its because once I got a cyst and it was small so I was like to myself "Whatever it'll go away / Whatever i might die or something". And one day it got bigger and I panicked and I finally called my mom, and we went to a hospital and everything and we went through so much trouble. Like the waiting line was so long. We got lost in the hospital. And we went there like 5 times because none of the doctors knew what it was.
And also when the doctor was asking me questions she said "When did you see it at first" or something.. and I said "Only a few weeks ago" and like I lied. And my mom was like "why didn't you tell me before" and stuff.
I could tell she was frustrated, cuz of all the hospital trips.
(It's fine, the cyst was hanging and it fell off, it left a mark but im fine now)

And every time I get a cough or I feel sick I tell my mom if i can stay home or something, and she never lets me. So I just learnt to let my problems go away or I try and diagnose myself or I just google way for home treatment.

But now I have this problem with my breathing. Like I think its just shortness of breath, like i take really short breaths but this always happens when I'm studying. It's probably anxiety because I have other symptoms of anxiety (Which again I never told my parents).

Like I have shortness of breath when studying.

Other than that, how do I build confidence or whatever I have to get through to tell my parents when I have a problem (Actually its not only medical stuff, even when I feel something emotionally i never tell my parents)
+ my parents were never the type who gave advice to their kid like on the first day of school, or before a test or something.

Last time I opened up to my mom she got mad at me for blaming my problems on others.
It is important to have good communication with your parents because they know what it is like to go through good and bad times at your age. Things might be different now but growing up is still the same. Parents can have a lot of wisdom and are there to train you to make good decisions. Self care is very important so if you don't feel well or are having problems with anxiety, they can help you get the support you need. If you need to talk to a counselor, they can find one for you. A doctor is there to help find problems before they develop into something that is harder to treat. I hope that you can think of your parents as people you can talk to instead of trying to do everything on your own.
These are some tips on Talking to them.

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