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On being invisible
Some days I can yap like crazy.
Other days I’m like the person standing way off in a funeral holding a black umbrella. 
I'm the weirdo who stands holding an umbrella when the sky is a clear sunny blue.
To quote a popular werewolf film - 'Everyone's cursed.  It's called life'
(06-19-2018, 10:11 PM)Holly Wrote: Does anyone else get this? As if people don't see you, don't hear you? I've lost count of the times that I've been in a group of other women and while I'm talking, someone else will just start talking across me, and I realise I'm talking to myself. I'm not a conversation hogger (quite the reverse) and usually I'll be answering a question someone has asked, with the apparent motive of wanting to hear the answer. It's happened a few times and it just makes me more unsociable, more introverted. I started questioning myself, and deciding I must be so boring. You know that song John C Reilly's character sings in "Chicago"?  "Should I amend my name to Mr Cellophane...cos you can look right through me, walk right by me...and never know I'm there..."
That's me, that is.  Big Grin

Its funny though even if you feel like youre not present in a room, something else you can feel sees and know you are present. God sees and Hears and if youre really thinking I am lonely, there is His whole Creation to encompass and be present wit you. Trees, birds, fish, sky, colors, everything. Maybe not always humans, but they adont always hear or see even with the bright eyes, and strong ears. There is also sight and hearing with the heart is amazing, I dont know how long I will type about that...
At least you know and love yourself thats what its matter most  Big Grin Big Grin
Keep typing Smile

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