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No wonder you guys are lonely. I was freaking out and we talked again, I brought it up with him, etc. Just have a hard time trusting in general. I guess I have to accept that shit turns us on blah blah weh. Anyways, it's not like you guys have found someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, so you wouldn't understand. Only come here cause you incels are nice enough to read petty shit and give advice or so I thought, lel.

oh yea feel free to ban or ignore me if I hurt your feefees lmfao
actually updated news for you stalkers out there, everything is cleared up I was totally wrong about everything, etc. :| Sperging out so yea, everything's fine now. Yay.

Also can a moderator at least delete this thread? I even reported on it... :| I'd appreciate it thanks!

LMFAO FUCK but still I'm dumb as shit. God damn. I even asked the dude if I got cucked but no I didn't. Haha, phew. I would've killed myself :| screw being cucked haha.
Get help.

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