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The need to wear a coat / jacket / cardigan / hoodie outside, even in the summer...
In the summer I normally wear a baseball cap and I don't wear it to hide myself or anything but once I start wearing it outside come the end of the summer I find it strange going out without it on. Subconsciously I feel like I am hiding myself away without even realising it.
I always try to use sleeves to not reveal my arms. The same with my legs; no shorts unless I'm at home.
I'm actually David Blane.
(07-19-2018, 01:45 AM)Xpendable Wrote: I always try to use sleeves to not reveal my arms. The same with my legs; no shorts unless I'm at home.

That last part I relate to; hate showing my big hairy legs, always wearing jeans.
And dunno if its just me, I hate to look at men wearing flip flops. No idea where that hate comes from though lol.
Unless it gets over a certain temp (usually 90's and humid as hell), I always wear long sleeves. When I'm not wearing long sleeves, I tend to get anxious.
It doesn't have anything to do with anyone, except me, though. BDD is a bitch.
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I too, am another who prefers to be covered up. I'm a hoodie lover! Although I do like rolling up the sleeves of a hoodie a bit. Toungue

I've recently moved to Florida with family due to previous financial troubles living on my own and now rarely get the chance to wear them. Tried numerous times with very sweaty and far more uncomfortable results. *super sad face*

Too darn hot and humid down here. Why humans decided to colonize a swamp that is constantly prone to rain and hurricanes is behind me! Lol. Miss my New York hoodie/coat weather so darn much! Love winter clothing. Sad
I probably wore shorts as a kid and into early teenage years but at some point I changed. Now it's just at home. I don't like sandals anymore either, I just have some thin socks and the lightest shoes possible. T-Shirts are okay, but I prefer some kind of coat over that as well. I sweat easily for probably genetic reasons, but my mental comfort has higher priority than the physical.
Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I go...
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(07-16-2018, 09:59 AM)Lynh Wrote:
(07-15-2018, 07:29 PM)MisterLonely Wrote: There comes a "fuck it" point in your life, you might have felt it already, getting closer to that point where you stop caring what others think, this point is a turn around, it's blissful existence after that, when it comes to the way you look at least...

Haha MisterLonely, I'm still waiting for that "fuck it" moment.. I'm sure it will come one day.

You can work at it bit by bit, sometimes you'll feel ok doing a "fuck it" thing like going out without doing your hair, or wearing a t-shirt, others you can't stand not being the "you" you are comfortable with exposing to the world. "Fuck it" state of mind doesn't come out of nothing, it is a process Wink
I cover up as much as I can. Body image issues.
(07-14-2018, 03:53 PM)Lynh Wrote: Does anyone else have a need to cover up when venturing out into the world--as in, never wanting to take off your coat/jacket when you're in a building (not home), or needing to wear an outer layer like a trench coat, cardigan, or hoodie even when it is hot outside in the summer?  I feel so bare and nervous without that extra layer, and it calms my anxiety a little, but it's difficult fitting into a corporate work environment with this behavior.

Shout-outs to all the people who need to do this also!  I feel so much better when I spot another person on the street who is just as covered up and out of place in the summer as I am and it makes me want to give them an unspoken nod of acknowledgement.

100% me. There's always the people who feel the need to comment on it though or try to persuade you to discard a layer. Leave us alone, we're not harming anyone!
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And did it my way."
I wear hoodies almost everywhere. Well, jackets with hoods also. If I had a mask I'd wear that too.

I don't feel safe unless I am hooded. Also I think they make look cool  Toungue

I don't know why I have body image issues to this day. Maybe its because I was a little doughy as a kid. Even now with my big arms, puffed out pecs, broad shoulders, and a 4-pac. I still feel like a little doughy kid. 
Fwp, am I right? Big Grin

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