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Female seeking friendship
(07-16-2018, 02:45 PM)Orangey Wrote: Hi. Thank you for reading my post. Im married over a decade but lonely like everyone else haha. Im 35 if anyone wants talk. Men preferably

I'm interested in you for friendship only
THen just talk like a friend to her -- the pre-warning type statements have like a dark vibration to them that feels foul and make her look naive or a predictor.. Give me a break, we done need cold, pre-warning statements like this, that could simply be worded in anotyher way IF YOU ACTUALLY MESSAGED HER  not public prewarnings

The population is so harsh and doesnt know how to use language so it doesnt reek so badly

Im just citing & now using this as one example -- the PROPER way to do this would be to tell her in the middle or end of a a message that you are interested in friendship only because _____________

and writing that between the writing of other friendly lines

To put it by its self, as one line, publically, and even adding the word YOU in the sentence is ugly B type autistic stuff. Im getting replies like this to me too -- the population is retarded  their command and use of the english language, which is so easy to be normal and make it not have any dark vibrations like this

I cant stand this population and this reality, the population is so socially retarded their SQ is like akin to an IQ level that is major mental retardation.

All a person has to do to oppose what i said here is say someone like this:

"Damn man, talk about over analyzing, you are thinking WAYY to far into it"

No, wrong, im not doing that at all,, im using this one line in this one thread as a demonsrtration of how the use of language has an erergy behind it that can either be aggressive or gentle, hostile or friendly, Stealth attacking with plausible deniability is the most common use of this shit, fuck the humans on this planet, i hate this planet and I hate this reality

You cant even be a woman anymore and say the phrase preferably men or watch out, clown and pony show ahead where pennywise is the clown and Satan's house pet is the pony

J.H.M.F.C, take a xanax and open your heart chakras and empathy, even if this is up to no good business,. We dont know till we talk to her and get to know her -- we cant make FALSE ASSUMPTIONS

[b]Mr. Solo, Establish Standard Orbit. Scan the gal for STDs... if she has watched the HORRIBLE Star Trek Discovery (STD). Hope to God she has no STDs (Star Trek Discovery Episodes watched)[/b]

Kidding aside, Orangey, hello there ! Welcome to LL. Where we give the benefit of the doubt and arent afraid to hit up a lonely gal even if its friends only, RIGHT PEOPLE???

Welcome Orangey, here at LL, we dont tear apart someones thread with circumstantial predetermination to make the poster feel uncomfortable and stupid, RIGHT TEAM LL?

We are positive good folk with open minds and open hears and we will not quote me and joke about open legs, RIGHT GENTLEMEN?

Comeon, man, i had all bad experiences since my birth, do i also have to see epic fail like this. Imma defend this underDog  STOP IT STOP IT no nooooo ... No replying to that and posting about a bitch being under me. Fuck set myself up again, are there any words i can use that need no followup?

Damn you people i can read your jokes before you make them even if you refrain from posting

Anyway, Orangey, im completely alone, i live alone in a section 8 apartment, have no friends or family, and have to talk to walls if I were to use my voice at all, because there is no one to talk to, as i do not even have a job and cannot attend school. I spend most my time in bed because I am in constant pain, suffering, anguish and general destruction -- And i am still willing to see your partial loneliness as hard

Now going back to bed. I hate life so much and dont have the energy to cry. This torture is unacceptable. Someone or something, please help us, Help Orangey, Help me, Help others, no matter how drastic or how moderate their lonelinesss is, please for the Love of God, I dont care if its ETs on a flying saucer with genetic medicine. someone help us -- the is planet is nothing but hell and evil and never should have existed in the first place with its darwinian system of evil and suffering

Sorry to add to the issues in your thread but life is nothing more than a sadistic torture chamber for some sadist god... please help where is the real god of truth and light !!??I cant stand being alone -- I am not meant to be alone, i tried messaging and meeting around 3000 to 5000 people since 1998 and only got rejection and hatred, as if there is no good at all in the world., No matter what types i talk to , no matter on or off line, no matter what place... its just all Qausi-Sociopaths, then i cry in bed aline even at age 38, this is not right for life, this is hell, and i did my very best positive efforts the max i could, my very best giving it my all. I gave it my all to 4 women i was very close to and all 4 randomly dunmped me over night, 8 women in all with 4 major, 4 moderate/minor and around 100 people have backstabbed me. My entire immediate family died in the 90s and my extended family are absuve sociopaths -- I CANT BELIEVE HOW CARTOOISH AND CLOWNISH This world is



WHat the FUck, LIfe, why you like this? when i did everything i could -- no one could have a life this bad even if they tried to be mean. this is bullshit and i want this curse lifted now

What you are seing above is not an urgent mental break down -- this is what i say all the time year after year, and i say it in response to life -- I have a very positive attitude and best hope i can have and it never leads to anything but pain and suffering !! ::lights up cigarette and stares away at wall, back on chair:: exhales, closes eyes as run down demoralized stressed body & brain catches a mild cigarette buzz as the only source of pleasure, a weak one at that.

FUCK THIS RIGGED SYSTEM, will i ever have a good experience in life?

Well Wishes and positive Vibes to Orangey.. hope you didnt mislead your man or lose interest, or have a good reason for distancing feeling lonely, like neglect and abuse, hon .. my bitches aint had nothing against me when they fucked me over. I thought they were honest Love.. they told me i have such compasssion, realness, reliability and heart that no other came closed to then flipped on me

one of these for instance, flipped overnight, and said she couldnt remember saying she was in Love with me... I would throw up daily running to toilet and go on floor shaking and screaming .. similar reaction to the others who did this to me and faked Love with me. One can never fake Love with another it is truly truly truly destructive. I dont get if they are programmed pscyhopaths who target or what.

Meanwile, no friends, no family, no human touch, and replies to me on forums that dont work, followed by then saying "You arent accepting help" akin to telling a person with allergies to take stool softeners

life is some sort of mass sinister diabolical joke to torment and torture. and these words will just make others want to attack more instead of empathy...but then again some empathy comes too but no one could ever understand being forced alone 100% through age 38 and its just an exchange of cyber hugs

What is with this life this reality is so horrible its noting but suffering. Everything i typed here i have typed for year after year after year

so this is nothing new; even though it looks like a random intense reply; Just my usual post of truth once in a while how much tortre this all is.

I hate torture

Im sick of torture

Im sorry this reply is too long, it was spontaneous , im really sorry, dont have a heart attack, its a few lines in one thread, thats all,

and Orangey sorry, maybe youll relate to something. I can talk if you want      ... Ok must get in bed now after posting this usual suffering i have always posted for years   (Not New, Not Mental Breakdown, Feel this way 365 days per year  

The usual -- I Feel this way, anything posted is misunderstood or attacked directly or subtly, I lay in bed sicker than before. The end.
(SOrry Orangey, unless you like this On unusual reply to be here  )

Ny heart is broken from hundreds of bad experiences and daily isolation (a form of torture) against my will and i shall go lay in bed in continued anguish. -- someone will misunderstand this and reply that i have a negativity attitude, making me even sicker.., even after i explained that i gave my all to several relations and friends and 100% backstabbed me -- and even though i explained if i tried to get up i would go down on the floor --- people literally cannot read sentences and stories, and would probably reply to this with incomprehension

Example of Forum Style"

"get out there more and have a positive attitude, women dont like sad" <--- im in intense pain and already went out alone 1000 times 1998 to 2012 , lready stated that i try my best all the time as im motivated to stop torture -- yet someone posts as if im giving in 95% and they would like me to dial it up to 100% ,.AND I already stated that the women who faked Love with me said I was the most positive person they ever been with -- I ALREADY DO what anyone posts and do it more than any of them do, and it DOESNT WORK !!

Posteres are so dissociative and LALALALA that they will actually reverse the order of events, like say i had these complains first, then second woman hated the sadness and problems -- its the other way around, I talk more deeply well rounded, enthusiastic and intellectual than most anyone, have been told by all of them they love hearing me talk and adore me -- then overnight they suddenly insult and disappear forever...
"I could listen to you for hours, i could watch pain dry with you, I Love you with all my heart" -- this is what woman have said to me


A person will actually see me type TODAY like i am NOW in this forum, then say thats why i did bad with women -- its like 1st grade reading comprehension and actually fucking reversing past and future.

this is an example of how stupid foums are.      
(07-16-2018, 02:45 PM)Orangey Wrote: Hi. Thank you for reading my post. Im married over a decade but lonely like everyone else haha. Im 35 if anyone wants talk. Men preferably

Hey. How are you doing? How's life?
[Image: dapulo34998.png]

I joined recently and was wondering if you found you friend?
(07-16-2018, 02:45 PM)Orangey Wrote: Hi. Thank you for reading my post. Im married over a decade but lonely like everyone else haha. Im 35 if anyone wants talk. Men preferably
Hi Orangey. Hmmm . I'm retired but love to chat. Your time is mine. )

What is the only time a man thinks about a candlelight dinner?
When the power goes off.
Have a great night. I am a night owl in NH Smile🤣😃😄😅
(07-18-2018, 09:22 AM)kamya Wrote:
(07-18-2018, 02:54 AM)Richard_39 Wrote:
(07-17-2018, 05:00 AM)kamya Wrote:
(07-17-2018, 04:25 AM)Unix Wrote:
(07-16-2018, 02:45 PM)Orangey Wrote: Hi. Thank you for reading my post. Im married over a decade but lonely like everyone else haha. Im 35 if anyone wants talk. Men preferably

why preferably men?

My guess is she's after that special kind of attention that only be gotten from a properly manipulated male orbiter.

Whats a male orbiter? Is it like a Soyuz rocket or something?


Dis explains.

Man, I was so an "orbiter" to my ex....depressing in

(07-16-2018, 02:45 PM)Orangey Wrote: Hi. Thank you for reading my post. Im married over a decade but lonely like everyone else haha. Im 35 if anyone wants talk. Men preferably

Feel free to say hi anytime! Hope you're doing well.
Hi Origani,

Where you from?

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