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Pick better guys. Other than that maybe therapy. I dunno. Sucks you had to go through that. All you can really do is learn from your mistakes at this point.
I've been in therapy but she's not really very good.. rude almost.

I just have a big problem of repeating the same thing over and over thinking it will be different. And it's always different, just different types of bad. Lol
(07-27-2018, 08:04 AM)Itsnotwhatyouthink23 Wrote: *removed*

My heart breaks for you, and at the same time, I can empathize with how you feel.  My first husband was verbally abusive and physically a abusive a little bit.  He scared me.  He would track me down if I left the house.  He threatened my life.  He called me every nasty name in the typical list.  He was demeaning and hurtful.  I have problems on occasion even now, and it has been since 1998, where I expect a man to react like the first ex-husband used to.  I have had to re-educate myself that not everyone is him, and to take each new relationship as a new person and not compare the new person to the ex-husband.  That is hard, but it has helped me separate myself some from what he put me through and I have healed mostly from that and have gained new relationships.

I will be praying for you!
Perhaps stop looking for a relationship as such.
Just focus on friendship first. Make sure the other person is aware that you are ONLY interested in friendship.
If the friendship developes, and you feel comfortable with it, it may develope into something really special. But don't expect it to.
If it does not develop into something special, at least you will have a good freindship.
Looking to delete this thread and or my account. Can somebody pm with help how too or a admin do it for me? TIA
VanillaCreme, SciFi and Minus are the admins/mods on the forum. PM one of them.
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Thank you! I did just that!

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