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The prettiest woman in any Stephen King adaptation.
[Image: Christine-620.jpg]
I think there's a Stephen King thread somewhere on the forum. lol

How do you feel about IT?
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[Image: 68694043_2341967022788228_46455155003665...Ng%3D%3D.2]
I think Molly Ringwald in The Stand was the prettiest woman in a Stephen King adaptation.
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I know you said 'prettiest woman', but whatever - she eventually grows into a beautiful woman. My vote is for Drew Barrymore, who appeared in both Firestarter and Cat's Eye.
Lolol No offense but it was never up for vote Wink Christine is the prettiest. Nah but I was just being silly
She may be the prettiezt, but I heard tell she can be, well....bit of a b****.
Don't get on her bad side. She's got a killer grill...but a deadlier disposition.

I just realized Callie asked me a question lmao. IT is great. Tim Curry is the prettiest woman.

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