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Rest in Peace, Eve.
I left ALL a while ago, but Debs was one of the first to make me feel welcomed here when I first found this place, and it seems I'm far from alone in feeling that. We kept in touch a fair bit after I left here. She was a really good friend to me and I will miss her a lot.

I hope you all manage to cope as well as you can with this news - I guess this place won't be the same without EveWasFramed.
So stunned and broken-hearted to hear Eve is gone. Thank you, zero, for messaging me.

I'll miss your kindness and wisdom, Deb, and I wish courage and strength for your daughter. The world is darker without you here.

En la boca cerrada no entran moscas.
A grieving heart for her, her family and her friends. A truly beautiful person. Sometimes life makes absolutely no sense.
Thank you for informing us Callie. She was such a wonderful person. I can't believe she's gone. This is so heartbreaking.

RIP Eve.
I was always looking forward to catching up with you once more. The world has been deprived short of such a wonderful person. Thank you for the memories, laughs and goodwill, Eve.

With gratitude,
All my thoughts to her and her family. The only rare occasion I had the opportunity to chat with her she made me feel very comfortable, like we chatted many time before. So thank you.
Holy fuck. Deb was one of the most caring and selfless people I had the pleasure to know, I will miss her warmth and kindness.
[Image: Cat-Memes-High-Five-with-Hammer_zpsb91b11b9.jpg]
I’m not even sure what to say. Deb was one of my closest friends even though we never met in person. We started talking when I first came here many years ago and it grew from there. We talked on the phone and sent countless PMs and E-mails. I watched Jaylen grow into a fine person and we often talked about my daughter. When I first came here I was ready to end my life and Deb kept me on the right track with caring but sometimes brutal honesty. 

When I was deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 her daily E-mails made things much easier to deal with. She was the first person I would contact when things happened in my life both good and bad. She saved me from myself and for that I will always be grateful. Without her I can’t figure out how to face the future. For the past few days when something happens I still run to tell her and realize she isn’t there.

I’m not sure what happened. We talked many times after the accident and she seemed to be doing ok under the circumstances. She was broadsided by a utility truck.  I know she cracked her sternum and broke ribs. Her foot was the worst and required surgery and she was in a lot of pain.  I was sent out of town for a while and couldn’t check on her. When I returned the first thing I did was try to contact her. She didn’t answer so I knew something was wrong. Something told me to google her name and her obituary came up. I sat in shock for an hour before the tears came. They haven’t stopped since. I have lost a true friend and feel so guilty because I wasn’t there for her. I’m not sure how to face tomorrow without her.

Rest in peace Deb. Prayers for Jaylen and the rest of the family.

If a Mod sees this I would love to be able to access my old account (GHOSTNYOURMIST) that got locked out. I had pages of PMs and photos of Eve on it.
Pegs down Deb
My condolences. Sad

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