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Has anyone ever called the Suicide Hotline? What was it like?
I have been feeling awful lately.  I really messed up my life and I don't see it getting any better.
I hate getting out of bed in the morning and I love going to bed at night.

I was thinking of calling the Suicide Hotline when I was alone in the house and seeing if talking with someone would help my feelings.
Or I could hopefully get some kind of free help for my problems.

I am hoping best case scenario here but I would like to hear from someone who has personal experience with this program.
I don't want someone to show up at the house and drag me off or something.

I think that's always been my biggest fear of calling that number. It comes off as kind of counter intuitive doesn't it? That you would be afraid of calling the people meant to help you? I've never called myself, but I would presume they would ask you if you were in danger of harming yourself or something of the like before dragging you away. I've never called the number so I don't know but if you really feel like you need help, don't hesitate to call them yea? If you're feeling down there are some places where you can just chat with people who listen, who're there to listen and nothing more.
I kind of want someone to drag me away and get me help.
But I have heard bad things about the mental health system and some people end up worse off for it.

They can give you drugs that make you worse and you have to be stuck there forever.

I am also scared that it will cost my family money. I don't want to cause more financial problems for my family and drive them into debt.
If it was free I would be less hesitant but if it costs money that I don't have then I worry about causing trouble.

I feel the same but I wouldnt call the suicide hotline because if I did I would just go on a rant denying everything they say and reasoning why nothing can go right for me with them until they hit a dead end and all of the questions have ran out. So it would be absolutely pointless in the end.
Suicide hotlines are run by people who have been trained for suicide prevention. It takes some quick understanding and thinking to help someone who is only seconds away from shooting themselves. They know exactly how to assess a persons risk of actually committing suicide. Naturally this depends on how honest the other person is.

I strongly recommend calling the suicide hotline if you are thinking about suicide. They will naturally ask you a few questions to assess the risk, you cannot fault them for that. Their main goal is to minimise the risk of actual suicide as soon as possible. They understand that something is seriously wrong for a person who wants the end it. They are aware of more resolutions and resources of helping the person overcome what is wrong in their life.

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