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I need real friend
Hello, I'm from east Europe and I'm 32. I am a woman. I feel so lonely all my life. I need a real friend I mean someone who is by me not only when I'm happy and when I have success but especially when I'm sad and down. I don't speak english good so I would like to practice speaking with someone from other country and who'll be kind to me too. If someone likes what I wrote here and would know me better then please write me on private. Thank you and all good for everyone!
Welcome! If you ever feel like talking, feel free to PM me!
We could be heroes, me and you...
(08-27-2018, 03:03 AM)toasty_one Wrote: Welcome! If you ever feel like talking, feel free to PM me!

Thank you toasty_one :Smile I will and you can write me anytime too!
Hey. I'm a 31 year old woman, from the US. I'm available for a chat if you'd like.
I am considering a career helping people learn English. However, I lack teaching experience. I would be glad to help you for free! What language do you speak, besides English?
Check out the chat room if you want. It's English, so you would get lots of practice. Smile
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 

[Image: Quotefancy-19173-3840x2160.jpg?resize=1165%2C655&ssl=1]
hi. i can chat with you. i'm 28 from eastern europe, perfect english. in fact i would like to voice chat. i use discord and skype. let me know

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